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Your location: Home > News > We made a big hit there at The 82nd API China 2019 in Hangzhou!
We made a big hit there at The 82nd API China 2019 in Hangzhou!
Add time:2019/5/16  origin:Bella Wang

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Conference China is the oldest exhibition in the

pharmaceutical field in China and was founded in 1968. Cover 24 categories of more than

50,000 kinds of APIs. Contains the pharmaceutical and health products for the production of

all the necessary accessories, functional ingredients, packaging materials, production and

testing equipment.

Tangshan Junrong Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd received many visitors at the 82nd Active

Pharmaceutical Ingredients exhibition at 8th-10th in Hangzhou China. Customers has shown

great interest in our products: Aluminium bottles/can/canisters/drums/containers/tins, Aluminum

caps, Aluminum bottle capping tools/sealing tools and machine. We talked in details and

achieved agreements for future cooperation!

If you have any inquires, please feel free to contact us at: sales@junrongchina.com.

Welcome to visit us again at CPhI Shanghai next month!

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